nanoLTE™ systems are standards-based, feature-rich, 4G/LTE cellular solutions.

RIVA Networks’ nanoLTE™ is a standards-based, feature-rich, Evolved Packet Core (EPC) implementation that combines LTE core network elements in a compact design. The key elements include:

MME - eNodeB, and Mobility Management.

HSS - Subscriber Management.

SGW/PGW – Serving Gateway and Packet Gateway through which the user IP packet data is routed to the local LAN/WAN.

nanoLTE™ is optimized to run at or near the network edge.  It can be located with one or more LTE radios (eNodeBs) to be deployed in a rural or remote area, on campus, aircrafts, cruise ships, or for a variety of other applications such as defense and intelligence, emergency management and disaster recovery.  When located at remote cell sites in forward operating bases, platoon level and squad level, a localized EPC provides users broadband data access to local services and cached media content without having to backhaul all signaling and user data to a centralized EPC. Each remote network could run autonomously if the backhaul to a centralized EPC failed.  nanoLTE™ allows autonomous high bandwidth and long-range IP communications over LTE.  nanoLTE™ supports both voice and IP data, wirelessly.  nanoLTE™, combined with a satellite network, can be configured as private end-to-end network.  The RIVA nanoLTE™ EPC has a uniquely small software footprint, even being able to run on low-power ARM and Cavium processors, possibly on the eNodeB hardware itself or combined with a backhaul satellite terminal. This flexibility in packaging and ability to economically scale down to supporting just a single eNodeB for remote or ‘fly‐away’ systems, gives the RIVA EPC considerable advantage over EPC solutions from other traditional vendors in these types of deployments.   The software platform also supports GSM and 3G radios, such as GSM picocells, 3G femtocells and longer-range radios from various vendors. That is, the RIVA nanoLTE™ EPC may also act as a GSM/3G MSC (with SIP), HLR, SMSC and packet data core. This allows a common core platform for voice & data over GSM, 3G and 4G, considerably easing deployments where multiple radio technologies are required in a compact package.

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