Rapid Solutions Deployment

Analysis and Quick Design

What’s the problem? What’s your budget? What’s your time frame? These are three of the questions RIVA asks when evaluating a project. Our engineers and design teams have years of experience solving problems within this framework. RIVA uses commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware, combined with our rapid product development methodology, to architect solutions in an aggressive time frame. This process allows us to move quickly to volume manufacturing.


RIVA engineers and project managers assemble the system based on our rapid design process and perform functional testing to ensure the architecture can be implemented within the budget and time frame constraints.

Iterative Development and Testing

Our methodology is based on an iterative process of designing, building, coding and testing. Our engineers are able to produce more efficient code by using rigorous in house testing methods to continuously improve on previous versions. This produces functional, well documented systems in a compressed time frame. We use a multi layered approach to testing and reuse the results to improve systems. We test our systems at the following levels:

Unit Testing

Individual components are tested against nameplate specs and desired functionality. Any code embedded in the device or in the control plane is tested concurrently.

System Testing

The full assembled system is tested based on a check list derived from the initial requirements and any additional functionality developed during our iterative design/test process.

Performance Testing

In conjunction with Acceptance Testing we assess key performance indicators and metrics based analysis to verify the system complies with performance criteria.

Integration Testing

Multiple components are tested with their code base to ensure interoperability, functionality and compliance.

Acceptance Testing

Using check lists provided by the customer, we run a series of acceptance tests either independently or with customer representatives to ensure the system functions properly.


At RIVA we test all of our systems in our labs and on our campus BEFORE we ship the components for installation at the customer site. This is a critical success factor in all our deployments. Once we get to the customer site we have already been through the assembly, deployment and configuration process so we are rarely met with surprises.


Many of our systems are self-contained so there is no Installation component. It’s as simple as pressing the “ON” button and within five minutes the system is up and running. In the case that our team needs to go on site we can either perform the installation on our own or project manage on site union, non-union, base or department personnel.

Field Testing

Using check lists provided by the customer and documentation that RIVA develops during our in house testing we run a series of field tests to ensure the system functions properly.


RIVA provides extensive documentation and on-site training for all systems we deploy.


Our installation teams are fully prepared to configure our systems based on field conditions or integration with other on site systems.

Performance Testing

In conjunction with Field Testing, we assess key performance indicators and metrics based analysis to verify the system complies with performance criteria.

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