Sustainable Communications Network

Developed to support the Continuation of Government (COG) and Continuity of Operations (COOP).

RIVA Networks provides private wireless telecommunications networks that interoperate over satellite and connect to the Internet and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). RIVA has created a sustainable communications solution which functions in the most adverse conditions, when traditional communications networks are not available. Developed for the Department of Defense, RIVA’s Sustainable Communications Network is now expanding to support mission critical utility infrastructure, business continuity, disaster recovery, law enforcement and public safety applications.  SCN sites provide guaranteed, fault tolerant wireless voice and data services in the event of a blackout, natural disaster, cyber-attack or act of terrorism.

Each site consists of private indoor cellular access points to provide coverage and capacity to designated users.  In emergency situations, the private networks operate independently of the major mobile network operators.  Satellite antennas can be deployed to backhaul voice, text and data traffic through RIVA’s secure earth stations in Denver and New Jersey.  In order to assure communications during a crisis, each location is provisioned with GUARANTEED satellite bandwidth.  RIVA Networks contracts with satellite providers stipulate that RIVA’s SCN sites will be the exclusive users on the satellite transponder.  This non pre-emptible service arrangement prevents the satellite carrier from using any part of the SCN’s bandwidth for other customers.  The SCN creates a secure communications bubble for key management personnel and designated members of crisis response teams.  You can enable voice, text and data locally or through the satellite network infrastructure.  RIVA integrates easily with existing VPN, VoIP and PBX infrastructure and can be deployed as a fixed in building /campus solution or as a portable remote site solution.

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