The nanoWATCH™ system is a low-cost mobile phone finder, locator and surveyor.  

RIVA Networks nanoWATCH™ system is a low-cost IMSI grabber, mobile phone finder, locator and surveyor.   nanoWATCH™ can aid in rescue missions, finding phones to help locate survivors.  nanoWATCH™ can separate unknown phones from friendly phones and enable blue force tracking.  Terrorism and illegal trafficking pose important threats.  From checkpoints to remote areas, nanoWATCH™ can identify cell phones from hostile enemies and nations.  The nanoWATCH™ system scans an area for cell phones, when it locates a phone of interest, it collects the mobile phone’s identity, saves it in a database and sends alerts via text messages.  nanoWATCH™ systems deployed in remote areas send alerts to HQ over satellite radio modems.  nanoWATCH™ allows your security team to monitor checkpoints, remote areas and perimeters for hostile phones.  At national borders, nanoWATCH™ can be used to detect illegal immigrants or contraband traffickers.  To defend facilities and perimeters, nanoWATCH™ can detect hostile phones that may be attached to sensors or IEDs.   nanoWATCH™ can covertly collect a contact’s phone data, which can be associated with other investigations, intelligence or biometric data; aiding in identifying criminals and hostiles.  nanoWATCH™ is a fully functional cell tower with C3 capabilities. Communications features include secure voice, SMS text messaging, email, web access and IP based reach back.  Using commercial of the shelf (COTS) hardware and a LINUX operating system, nanoWATCH™ is a dependable and affordable solution.  Man-portable, the nanoWATCH™ system can be carried, attached to a checkpoint, concealed in a remote location, vehicle mounted, or aircraft mounted.  nanoWATCH™ transmits updates wirelessly and runs on a Single Board Computer (SBC).  nanoWATCH™ includes all of the capabilities of a private cell tower.  This is a valuable capability in remote areas or during times of disaster.   Single button operation allows for ease of use.   Once a nanoWATCH™ system has been deployed, it can be programmed remotely.  For installations that are difficult to access, all data logs and watch lists are updated remotely “over the air”; reducing risk to personnel.  The system consists of a miniature, portable GSM base station (nanoCELL), a Single Board Computer (SBC), a GPS receiver, a GSM mobile phone radio, batteries, charger and a road case.  The SBC is used to control the covert network, manage the phone identities collected in the database, identify target phones and create alert messages.  For dependability, the nanoWATCH™ system runs on a LINUX OS to provide stable, fault tolerant performance.

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