nanoSAT™ is the world’s first fully functional mobile phone system that works everywhere you go.

Developed for the Department of Defense, nanoSAT™ is the world’s first fully functional mobile phone system that works everywhere you go. nanoSAT™ cell sites are available in GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G LTE and WiMAX configurations.  nanoSAT™ works with all commercial satellite systems.

Challenged by the need for cell phone communications in the middle of nowhere? RIVA Networks’ nanoSAT™ technology is ideal for creating “communications islands”.  Organizations can now establish secure, private cell phone networks anywhere on earth, at a reasonable cost. The nanoSAT™ proprietary operating system runs on a small, low power consumption, fan-less, Single Board Computer (SBC).  Communicate seamlessly across the most difficult anywhere in the world.  Operate in remote locations or international waters - anywhere there is no public infrastructure. nanoSAT™ systems are VoIP compatible. Cell phones can be provisioned as VoIP extensions.  nanoSAT™ systems integrate with all major PBX systems.  RIVA Networks’ remote nanoSAT™ terminals include the cell network transmitter, the satellite transmitter and the complete network operating platform.  Maintain a single, coordinated communications system between leadership, key personnel and remote teams.  nanoSAT™ works independently without relying on public telephone networks, public mobile phone networks or the Internet.  nanoSAT™ works indoors or outdoors to combine the convenience of cell phones, with the global reach of satellite networks.  nanoSAT™ systems enable inbound and outbound calls from any public network, using your mobile phone number.  One phone number on land, at sea, in the air or underground.  nanoSAT™ systems are useful for remote security, surveillance and/or sensor backhaul.  nanoSAT™ can operate as a fail-safe phone system using standalone power sources such as batteries, wind or solar.

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