nanoCAST™ is a portable SMS broadcast system to support forward deployed elements, public safety and law enforcement operations.

RIVA Networks has designed and built a portable SMS broadcast system to support public safety notification, law enforcement operations and Humanitarian Assistance/ Disaster Recovery (HADR) missions. nanoCAST™ systems provide situational awareness during any crisis where survivors or hostages are denied access to public networks.  Denied access or loss of commercial telephone services is commonplace in disasters.  Recently, some governments have begun to turn off mobile phone networks to suit their needs. In either case, nanoCAST™ systems can be deployed to identify victims in need of assistance:

  • Emergency Alerts: In less than five minutes nanoCAST™ systems can be programmed to transmit instant messages to mobile phones in the immediate area. There is no need to wait for the commercial carrier to set up the SMS broadcast. First responders do not need to know what phones are in the area, the nanoCAST™ system figures that out automatically. Once the “stay where you are” or “evacuate immediately” campaign is activated the nanoCAST™ system finds the phones and sends the alerts.
  • Search and Rescue: Finding survivors is a time critical effort where nanoCAST™ systems can be helpful in many ways. For example, when a nanoCAST™ finds three phones active in the area, there are probably at least three people to locate.
  • Hostages: Once again, when time is of the essence, a nanoCAST™ campaign can send and collect information in the shortest time cycle.   With shooters in the building, sending directions to innocents within seconds can provide assurance that help has arrived.   Alternatively, a nanoCAST™ campaign can be directed at the assailant.

Easy to use, nanoCAST™ systems can be operated using any tablet or smart phone.  Initiating an SMS campaign is as simple as sending a text message with your cell phone.

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