RIVA engineering services can provide turn-key hardware, software and system integration solutions.  From product concept, to prototype design, to the back-end applications – the RIVA team has the experience and the talent to deliver a comprehensive solution.  RIVA Networks has developed many new tools for smartphones, tablets, wireless service providers and edge computing models. Benefiting from our experience, your Enterprise can implement wireless solutions quickly.

The RIVA engineering team has delivered more than $60 Million of personal electronic devices (BYOD), consumer electronics and portable computer product designs.  Our engineers have experience with hardware, software, telecommunications and wireless networks.

Leverage our Expertise

RIVA has experts at all levels of software engineering, mobile phone network and small cell product development. This includes but is not limited to our all IP based soft switches for GSM and CDMA networks, mobile phone operating systems and a software driven core that emulates the entire cellular infrastructure stack.  RIVA’s small cell solutions are deigned to deliver on the value of converged infrastructure. At RIVA Networks, we know our way around the software and the network.

Benefit from our Experience

As the old saying goes – “it’s the pioneers that get all the arrows.”  RIVA has paid our dues.  Avoid the pain, increased costs and constant deadline adjustments that go along with figuring things out for the first time. Let RIVA leverage our years of experience to deliver a solution to specification, on time and on budget.

Minimize your Investment

Put simply, we can have your product up and running in less time than it might take you to assemble a qualified team or even write a comprehensive Request for Quote (RFQ). RIVA is uniquely qualified to assist our customers at all levels of the product development cycle.

RIVA’s New Product Development Services include:

Rapid Product Development
Rapid Prototype Manufacturing
System Integration and Installation

Contact us if you need a proven team of accomplished engineers to help develop and deliver your solution at wireless speed.